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Hannon Hydraulics has been a global leader in hydraulic repair for 40 years.

In 1975, owner & founder, H. Wade Reed was working for another fluid power company. Newly married and hoping to start a family soon, he knew he would have to find a better source of income when he didn’t receive a much anticipated raise.  After quitting that job (and fearing what his wife might say) he told her about leaving his job and contemplating starting his own business. His wife said “go for it” and pointed to the garage out of their rented house and said “there’s your first shop” and Hannon was born. We’d like to say the rest is history…but it has taken years to build this company into a great and reputable one.

In the beginning Reed focused on calling past customers he had dealt with in the fluid power industry and as luck would have it, his very first sales call gave him a pile of hydraulic pumps, motors, & valves and told him if he could fix them, he could have the pile next to it to repair as well.

Not long after starting in the garage, Hannon moved into our first building in Dallas Texas, and hired our first employee. As business continued to grow we moved into a larger building in 1977. In 1979, Reed hired bookkeeper, Sue Calvert, who 37 years later is still with the company, rising through the ranks and is now the company’s Treasurer. As the company continued to grow, we would need to move two more times, once in 1980 and again in 1984 to our current location just outside of Dallas in Irving, Texas.

Another one of our first employees, Don Mullins, who started as a driver in 1977 and promoted to sales spent countless hours driving back and forth from Dallas to Houston picking up work. In 1986, our Houston operation was opened. As the Houston market grew, we relocated once in 1990 and again 1995 to our current location. Today, after 39 years, Don Mullins continues to run the Houston operation and serve as the company’s Executive Vice President.

Over the last 40 years, Hannon has conquered the competition by buying some of the smaller companies and increasing our market share. One of the largest purchases we made was Remco Hydraulics of Willits California in 1996.

Long-Term Craftsmen

Although we’ve only named a couple of senior employees, Hannon has been fortunate enough to find great employees through the years that have been with the company almost the entire time of existence.

  • H. Wade Reed, Owner & CEO – 40 years
  • Don Mullins, Executive Vice President – 39 years
  • Sue Calvert, Treasurer – 37 years
  • Bobby Owens, Hannon’s 1st machinist – 37 years (retired in 2016)
  • Mark Hawthorne, Assembly Technician – 36 years
  • Steve Meyer, mechanic – 35 years
  • Steve Daniels, Dallas Plant Manager – 33 years

Dedicated Employees

While having 7 employees over the 30 year range, Hannon has fifteen employees with over 20 years of service as well.

And while we have quite a few people with more than 10 years and several still working on their first 10 with Hannon, we’ve been blessed with some of the best employees around.

Through the years Hannon has continued to grow. Today Hannon has production plants in Dallas and Houston as well as a sales office in San Antonio.

  • Mark Klatt, Vice President Operations – 29 years
  • Santiago Valdez, Tear Down Mechanic – 29 years
  • Kevin Deehan, Sales – 28 years
  • Darroll Green, Welder – 27 years
  • Rodger Lovell, Truck Driver & now helper everywhere – 26 years
  • Jackie Weakley, Welder – 24 years
  • Freddie Coleman, Machinist – 21 years
  • Rodney Collier, Machinist – 21 years
  • Joe Gnipp, Machinist – 21 years (retired 2016)
  • Aaron Cassias, Machinist – 20 years
  • Jason McCaghren, Inventory & now Sales – 20 Years
  • Jason Miller, Inspector – 20 years
  • Tim Murray, Chief Engineer – 20 years

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