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Offshore Oil Drilling Equipment
Manufacturing, Service, Repair + Parts

At Hannon Hydraulics, our priority is building long-term, service-oriented partnerships that bring our customers greater lifetime value. For nearly 40 years, we have invested in our technologies, industry certifications, training programs, workforce and facilities to develop a unique lifecycle support solution that combines custom offshore oil drilling equipment engineering, contract manufacturing, repair services, reconditioning, recertification, spare parts procurement, training and technical support to produce higher-quality, long-lasting and more efficient equipment, resulting in less downtime, better performance and fewer replacements.

Offshore Oil Drilling Equipment Hannon Manufactures, Repairs & Supports

  • Semi-submersible platforms
  • Jack-up drilling rigs and barges
  • Drillships
  • Floating production storage and offloading systems (FPSOs)
  • Fixed platforms
  • Compliant towers
  • Tension-leg platforms
  • Spar platforms
  • Conductor support systems
  • Gravity-based structures (GBS)
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Hannon Launches New Website to Reach the Global Offshore Oil Drilling Industry

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Brazilian Offshore Oil Shipyard Operators, Rig Fleet Builders and Offshore Drilling Contractors are Very Responsive to Hannon’s Lifecycle Equipment, Parts & Service Offering

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Singapore Offshore Oil Drilling Contractors & Rig Fleet Builders Invite Hannon to Present Equipment Engineering, Manufacturing & Repair Service Capabilities

Hannon Offshore Drilling Equipment was recently invited to meet with the executives, engineers and operations managers of several Singapore deep water oil drilling contractors and off shore drilling rigs builders to present its lifecycle approach to offshore oil equipment custom…