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Offshore and Land Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment Manufacturing, Service, Repair + Parts

Custom Hydraulics Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial Equipment Repair, Replacement Parts + Field Service

At Hannon Hydraulics, our priority is building long-term, service-oriented partnerships that bring our customers greater lifetime value. For nearly 40 years, we have invested in our technologies, industry certifications, training programs, workforce and facilities to develop a unique lifecycle support solution that combines custom offshore and land oil & gas drilling equipment engineering, contract manufacturing, repair services, reconditioning, recertification, spare parts procurement, training and technical support to produce higher-quality, long-lasting and more efficient equipment, resulting in less downtime, better performance and fewer replacements.

Offshore Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment Hannon Manufactures, Repairs & Supports

Land Oil Drilling Equipment Hannon Manufactures, Repairs & Supports

  • Skidding/walking systems
  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPU’s)
  • Mast raising cylinders
  • Sub-base raising cylinders
  • Hydraulic cat walk
  • Hydraulic Top Drives
  • Hydraulic rotary table
  • Hydraulic cat head (EZ Torque)
  • Iron Roughneck
  • Finger board
  • Distribution Manifolds
  • Hydraulic braking system — Drawworks

Industrial Hydraulic Equipment Industry Expertise