need hydraulic equipment repaired?


Hannon has been a global leader in repairing hydraulics for 40 years.

need Equipment manufactured?


innovative solutions that address any complex challenge.

need hydraulics spare parts?


If we don't have it or can’t find it, we will build you any custom part.

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Equipment Removal & Installation, Servicing, Inspection & Upgrades.

Freddie Coleman

Machinist Freddie Coleman has been with Hannon for more than 20 years and in that time, he has worked on every type of hydraulic project you can imagine.

Steve Daniels

Steve is our plant manager at the Dallas manufacturing facility. He plays a huge role in training the next generation of young Hannon craftsmen as they develop and continue to learn the art of hydraulics repair and manufacturing.

Bobby Owens

Dallas Plant Machiniest Bobby Owens is a veteran of the Hannon Family. Listen to Bobby’s view of why Craftsmanship truly matters.

The Past

Founder Wade Reed reminisces on 40 years in business. He built a leading global hydraulics repair and services company from his little Dallas, Texas garage back in 1976.