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Riser Lifting Tools

Custom Hydraulics Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial Equipment Repair, Replacement Parts and Field Service

Riser Lifting ToolsHannon Hydraulics custom manufactures Riser lifting tools to our customer’s specifications based on their equipment and operating parameters.

Our lifting tools work in pairs under a gantry crane, allowing hands-free handling of marine risers to and from horizontal storage.

Our handling tools are ideal for applications where the gantry span is not large enough to allow lifting tools to reach into the ends of the riser.

Our unique riser lifting tool designs allow an upgrade to longer riser joints without the need for a wider crane.

 Benefits of a custom designed lifting tool

  • ADAPTABLE DESIGN: Bolt-on adapters fit most load blocks. This results in fewer spares servicing more cranes.
  • OPERATING SAFETY: 3-color readiness indicator light improves safety
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: Xylan coating results in superior performance and reduced maintenance
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 30,000-54,000 lbs. capacity/ pair and up
  • HEAVY DUTY: 3,000-3,200 lbs./ pair

All equipment is provided fully assembled, pressure and function tested, painted with marine 3-part coating and manufacturing record books.

We work to all certification needs. If you need installation and training, Hannon has a team that offers commissioning services. All of our equipment comes with a warranty.

Other Equipment Offerings

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