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In 2016, Hannon Hydraulics was called to troubleshoot the hydraulic system on a 1225 Harris shear. These shears are heavy-duty scrap devouring machines; rugged and tough, Harris shears are made for the toughest jobs in the scrap and recycling industry.

The customer kept cracking the hydraulic piping on the shear almost daily rendering the shear useless and costing the customer time and money with each breakdown. Each time the piping cracked, the customer’s operation team had to immediately shut down the scrap devouring machine and attempt to repair and weld the damage. Frustration was mounting and tensions were running high as the broken shear was negatively impacting the customer’s processing schedule. Costs due to lost time and down days were compounding.

Hannon Solution

The team at Hannon Hydraulics responded quickly by sending out an experienced field team to analyze the Harris shear and find the root of the recurring problem causing the hydraulic piping to keep breaking. After an intensive system inspection, Hannon’s service team determined the real cause of the problem was in the custom Moog/Hydrolux valve. Hannon Hydraulics quickly developed a repair plan to get the scrap devouring machine back online and functioning properly and supplied a bid to the customer. After the job was awarded to Hannon, the field team began on the overhaul of the worn out affected hydraulic components on the shear.

  1. Two Moog/Hydrolux valves were removed, cleaned and remanufactured to OEM specifications. These were custom valves, so parts were not readily available off the shelf. However, Hannon’s engineering team and craftsmen were able to adapt without ordering parts. Modifications were made to the valve that corrected the intense pressure problem causing the hydraulic piping to crack over and over again.
  2. Hannon technicians drained the hydraulic reservoir tank and filtered it into clean containers for safe storage. The team then thoroughly cleaned the inside of the reservoir before fluid was returned back into the reservoir after it reached a NAS 6 cleanliness level.
  3. Then the technicians removed (5) Parker/Denison hydraulic pumps and (5) Veljan hydraulic pumps and delivered the units to Hannon’s repair facility in Houston. To ensure quality control and prevent unexpected failures, each pump was tested and all settings were set on the test stand before being carefully re-installed by the Hannon crew. All of the pumps were remanufactured back to OEM specifications.
  4. Hydraulic cylinders were also removed and remanufactured back to OEM specifications at our facility.
    • Shear Cylinder
    • Gatherer Cylinder
    • (2) Clamp Cylinder
    • (2) Side Cylinders
    • (2) Lid Cylinders
  5. Lastly, Hannon installed all of the repaired hydraulic pumps, valves and cylinders, resetting all flow rates, pressures and relief settings to the proper OEM specifications.


Expertise: Hannon Hydraulics field service team, engineers and craftsmen helped the customer save valuable production time; responding quickly to the issue and properly diagnosing the root cause of the problem.
Savings: In addition to daily savings on lost downtime, Hannon’s rapid response and repair turnaround saved the customer $688,673 in new replacement valves and cylinders. Ordering all new hydraulic equipment could have cost the customer months waiting for expensive new capital expenditures.

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