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Aerospace and Defense Equipment

Supporting our Nations defense with hydraulic craftsmanship.

Hannon HydraulicsHannon is proud to have been a part of serving our aerospace and defense for the last 40 years. You can find our work in many different areas of our nation’s defense from every day base facility ground support hydraulic equipment  to cargo plane loading bay door cylinders.

We’ve had the opportunity at doing some really neat jobs through all these years; like die clamp forming cylinders. These cylinders are used in the formation of airplane parts like wings or the nose. Giant sheets of metal are used with these cylinders clamped down on the sides while the die is driven thru the sheets of metal forming the actual airplane parts.

Other cylinders we have manufactured

  • Servo Actuators for fatigue testing on helicopter parts
  • Launch pad leveling cylinders with 44″ diameter bore – levels the launch pad for rockets.
  • Telescopic tilt cylinders for missile erection from launch platforms.
  • Steering cylinders for steering rudders on submarines
  • Blast wall tilt cylinders on aircraft carriers assisting in take-off.

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