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Case Study.

case-study-sumitoma-unloaderHannon removed two lufting boom cylinders from a Sumitoma unloader that was being used to unload Bauxite near Corpus Christi, TX. Bauxite is used to make alumina in powder form. It is an abrasive and used to make solid aluminum.

The Sumitoma unloader sets on a pier and on a pintle. The cylinders are 20 feet long, 30 feet high, and weight 67,000 lbs a piece. The cylinders sit vertically dockside with two supporters on the outer sides of each cylinder. Removal of these cylinders is not only dirty but highly dangerous. If one of the cylinders were to hit one of the two supports, the entire machine would fall into the water causing catastrophic results.

Hannon successfully removed the cylinders over a course of three 18 hour days. Once removed, the cylinders were rebuilt and installed back on the unloader two days later.

With our teams dedication to safety, quality, and hard work, the customer asked us to do the same job on their sister machine. We successfully completed that job in just 24 hours.

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