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Hannon has been a global leader in repairing hydraulics for 40 years.

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innovative solutions that address any complex challenge.

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If we don't have it or can’t find it, we will build you any custom part.

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Hannon’s priority is building long-term, service-oriented partnerships that bring our customers greater lifetime value.

Hannon has a dedicated team of technicians that are deployed around the world to help solve issues that are too big to send in to the shop. Our team is equipped to handle onsite equipment installation (commissioning), training, repair and technical support.

Our onsite global field services include:

Hydraulic Equipment Removal and Installation

All of our field service teams are able to work with customers to remove and install hydraulic equipment safely and efficiently. We are able to supply JSA / JRA (Job Safety Analysis / Job Risk analysis) and Heavy lift plans to use for installation and removal. We offer installation of all pneumatic hydraulic instrumentation, pipe and tubing.

Hydraulic Equipment Commissioning

Our field service teams are capable of new and rebuilt equipment commissioning regardless if the equipment has been repaired, serviced or supplied by us or by a separate party.

Hydraulic Equipment Troubleshooting

Our service teams have assisted companies in trouble shooting some of the most difficult of hydraulic issues with existing and new equipment.

Hydraulic Equipment Recommended 5 Year Interval Inspection and Servicing

We offer inspections of existing equipment at recommended service intervals, with complete inspection reports and recommendations for all hydraulic equipment. We can prepare reports for use with ABS and DNV re-certifications.

Reverse Engineering and Equipment Upgrades

All service personnel have unlimited access to our engineering group for assistance in upgrading or replacement of outdated or ineffective equipment.

HSE Compliant

All of our field service technicians have HSE certifications that are approved for installations onshore and offshore worldwide.

Equipment Serviced

  • All makes of (HPUs) Hydraulic Power Units.
  • Motion Compensation equipment such as MRT (Marine Riser Tensioners), CMC (Crown Mounted Compensators), CTU (Conductor Tensioning Unit), Inline tensioning systems, and GLT (Guide Line Tensioners).
  • All Subsea hydraulic equipment.
  • Pipe Handling equipment.
  • Steel forging and forming equipment.
  • Pneumatic control systems.
  • PLC controlled systems.
  • Material handling equipment.

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