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Accumulator Assembly Systems

Custom Hydraulics Equipment Manufacturing, Industrial Equipment Repair, Replacement Parts and Field Service

Hannon Hydraulics has been leading the industry in subsea accumulator assembly systems for 40 years. Total stack accumulator requirement may be distributed by placing one accumulator in each of the four corners of the stack, eliminating the total number accumulators.

By having fewer accumulators you allow greater access to the BOP stack, create fewer seals to replace, reduce pre-charge time, have less points of potential failure points/leak paths and result in overall lighter total weight.

Our piston style accumulators include

  • Piston type 14.50 inch bore x 175 gal. capacity and 7500-psi working pressure
  • Bolted end caps with mechanical and charpy test results
  • Bolt on lifting eye
  • Autoclave 9/16 inch stainless steel needle valve at gas connection port
  • Stainless steel SAE type flange, high pressure rupture pin relief valve, and seal sub included for fluid connection


  • Designed per ASME Section VIII, Division 2 rules
  • Elastomers and materials suitable for use with helium
  • Bronze piston with low friction seals and replaceable non-metallic wear rings
  • ABS guide for Certification of Drilling Systems (CDS)
  • Marine three part coating system.

We work to all certification needs. If you need installation and training, Hannon has a team that offers commissioning services. All of our equipment comes with a warranty.

Other Equipment Offerings

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  • Mast raising cylinders
  • Sub-base raising cylinders
  • Hydraulic cat walk
  • Hydraulic Top Drives
  • Hydraulic rotary table
  • Hydraulic cat head (EZ Torque)
  • Iron Roughneck
  • Finger board
  • Distribution Manifolds