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Download our full list of supported cylinders. Contact us if you don’t find the cylinder component you need.

Hannon Hydraulic Core Exchange Program

No downtime necessary so you can keep working today!

If you can’t afford a delay in production and need to manage your cost, check out our hydraulic cylinder exchange program for heavy equipment. We stock a variety of cylinders remanufactured to OEM specifications, ready to exchange with your damaged cylinder core.


We ship you a “like new” remanufactured cylinder off our shelf for installation. Once your cylinder core is removed, you ship it back to us. It’s that easy! We take the damaged cylinder core and tear it down and do a thorough inspection. You will only receive one invoice. It will be based on time and materials of what it took to bring your cylinder core back to OEM specifications. We do not have any core charges. When the cylinder has been remanufactured, we put it back in our stock for the next time you need that cylinder in a hurry!

Hannon HydraulicsWarranty

All of our exchanges are warrantied for 1 year / unlimited hours.

Beyond Economical Repair (BER)

If you send in a cylinder core that is BER, we look at the most economical way to replace our stocked core.

  • Remanufacture as many parts as possible and source out the rest of the parts from the manufacturer, or
  • Find another used core on the market and remanufacture it

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